Aitor Azkarate | SPAIN

My name is Aitor and I was born in a small town called Aniz (Baztan Valley) which is located in the north of Navarre. After finishing my studies I came back home to work with my family. We had a conventional dairy farm where all the milk was sold to a big company. However, nowadays we make different organic dairy products that we have managed to deliver throughout short supply chain, within 50 km building alternative and innovative food systems. For the last 15 years, I have tested the importance of collaboration among local farmers (Farmer networks) and with consumers in order to improve and enhance the position of farmers in the food value chain. I have taken part in setting up projects like “Ekoalde” where several famers have joined so as to sell their production together or “Baztango zaporeak” which does the same within the valley rather than the whole province.