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The main objective of the COCOREADO project is to connect consumers and producers and enhance the position of the farmer in the food system. The project has a focus on youth and fostering opportunities for young people in rural areas. To this end, 40 ambassadors from the food supply chain have been recruited to co-create project outcomes alongside the consortium and to be the face and voice of the project and use their own multiplier networks to ensure the project outcomes are spread as widely as possible throughout Europe. The ambassadors attend three training sessions throughout the project to develop the communication skills necessary to spread project outcomes and to co-create with the consortium. In the trainings the ambassadors increase their knowledge of problems and solutions on connecting consumers and producers to enhance the position of the farmer in the food system. To disseminate the experiences of the ambassador training to the use of a wider audience, the materials directly used in the trainings and as background material have been collected into a set of educational materials.

The aim of the educational materials is to provide tools to teachers or coaches for inspiring the farmers to develop themself to enhance their position in the food system. This is done by helping them identify new business opportunities and providing tools to utilizing them. The materials targeted utilizers are organizations or individual persons aiming to inspire and train farmers and food enthusiasts to create new businesses. The experiences on COCOREADO ambassador training are here converted to help the teachers, coaches and advisors carry out training sessions for farmers and citizens interested in creating new business in close cooperation with farmers.