Replicability roadmaps


successful initiatives to replicate innovative food short supply chains

If you are a farmer, a food producer, a consumer, or a person passionate about fair food supply and if you are looking for an inspiring idea on how to turn your passion in action, you will find here 14 replicability roadmaps with different solutions. They were created as an instrument to learn about problems experienced by others like you, to deliver knowledge about solutions found, sources of funding, business models, good practices and factors of success. To facilitate replication, the replicability roadmaps include a self-check list to help you consider important elements when developing your ideas or planning your own solution.

Each roadmap helps the readers to learn about the main factors for success of the initiatives. The roadmaps also include insights about what has to be kept in mind if the readers want to replicate the success pathways in their own work, so they can strengthen their position in the food supply chain and gain better connection with the consumers.

The 14 cases were selected from a pool of 61 initiatives across Europe and researched for good practices and success factors leading to benefits for farmers, consumers and broader local communities. The common element between the 14 cases is that they represent fair short food supply chains, which become successful and sustainable thanks to meaningful cooperation between farmers, producers and other actors along the food chain, all of them striving to shorten the distance between production and consumption.