Food System Innovator Tookit

This Toolkit is a collection of practical tools, useful tips, and sources of inspiration to support innovation towards re-connecting consumers and producers, to rebalance farmers’ position in Food Supply Chains.

The materials found in the Toolkit have been brought together and validated within the HORIZON 2020 project COCOREADO, designed to rebalance the position of the farmer as an individual actor, a key player in innovative food supply chains, and a supplier for public procurement. The project has involved both academic and farming community partners across Europe, recognising regional differences and barriers (in terms of replicability of good practices) and regional opportunities (in terms of solutions).

A substantial part of the project has been building and maintaining the COCOREADO Ambassador Network of 40 young people passionate about food and agriculture, who are willing to facilitate sustainable changes in food systems. You can learn more about the COCOREADO ambassadors community here. The material you find in the Toolkit has been validated with these Ambassadors over a two-year period, in face-to-face trainings and beyond. 

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