Carlo Celis | BELGIUM

My name is Carlo and I am a restaurant entrepreneur from Leuven. “All about food” is my motto and so are the restaurant concepts that we opened in different cities in Belgium. Today I am designing food strategies at different levels and in different countries. My dream is not to have a well-known restaurant, but to create a society where everyone will eat healthy and balanced. By everyone I especially mean the weaker in society and the people with less financial means. We hope to be able to make a difference in the future by being a link and a listening ear between farmers, consumers in the city and the authorities. To do better you have to start with yourself. For example, in a few weeks we will implement the first Urban Farm in our city where lettuce, leafy vegetables and herbs will be grown. The contents of the urban farm will be processed together with the products of local farmers into a healthy, balanced, local and fresh salad dish. In this way we initiate the transition to a sustainable company that takes into account the challenges that await us when we will live in the cities even more. Short chain as a guideline, but the development objectives as a basis. I am honored as an ambassador to represent the team of LOOF and The Ideal City and in this way to think along and work together on solutions to strengthen the position between farmers and consumers.

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