Cătălina Rogozan | ROMANIA

Hi! My name is Cătălina Rogozan, I am 25 years old (date of birth: 22.03.1996) and I currently live in Brașov, Romania. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in management and business strategies at Transilvania University of Brașov. During my studies, I have also taken part in two Erasmus+ mobility study experiences, in Belgium and France, where I had the opportunity to work in international teams. At the present, I work for Highchlere Consulting, where I am actively involved in two Horizon2020 projects, MOVING and FoodSHIFT2030. Year 2021 has been transformative for me regarding sustainable food systems experience, learning new information and being able to actively engage in my community in order to create a local sustainable food system.