Daniel Long | IRELAND

My name is Daniel Long, I am 29 and I come from a dairy farm in the south east of Ireland and all my family are involved in agriculture.
I have always been a firm believer that the future of agriculture will be in the strengthening of the link between the primary producer and the consumer. We should use technology to not only create a sustainable and traceable food source for people but also increasing the ever-tightening margins involved in agriculture for farmers and creating a collaborative environment for both agriculture and the general public in order to meet our climate targets.

With that in mind that is the reason why in March of 2019 with the help of a close friend I started my technology startup to try and achieve those targets in the form of trade2farm.ie. We have received positive feedback from people in the early days of our startup and our ambition is this platform to address the following:

– Environmental targets
– Animal welfare
– Traceability
– Sustainable family farmers
– Consumer involvement

Being personally profitable through this platform is not my driving force but having platforms like this is worth more than not having them, which is what motivates me.
I love being around creative people especially in the agricultural world, this increases my own creativity.