Liene Turlaja | LATVIA

I am Liene from Latvia. I believe that food systems need a drastic change. We simply can’t keep consuming the stuff that damages human health and planet’s wellbeing. Back to basics – we need to foster direct farm to citizen relationship. I am strong believer in technology. IT can help enable this transition, and make it even enjoyable. I am co-creator of the self-lead online farmer’s market REKO, the first one in Latvia. Furthermore, I have founded digital farmer platform, it offers easy and convenient online selling of farm produce to everyone.


In the following video, Liene presents the heart of Latvia’s food landscape. They challenged AI to scrutinize the top 2 online food giants in Q3 2023, unravelling the truth about locally sourced fruits and veggies. Only 35% of the offerings come from local farms, and when it comes to fruits, the situation is dire – no local apples in season!  Discover why supporting local farmers is the key to a sustainable future. Join us on this journey to make informed food choices!