What is an Ambassador?

The COCOREADO Ambassadors are the face and voice of the project

Do you want to be part of the movement to rebalance the food supply chain and rebuild the connection between farmers and consumers in Europe? Be the creator and promoter of a real change for sustainable produce and fair pay throughout the entire food supply chain as a COCOREADO Ambassador!


Volunteer to become a COCOREADO Ambassador!

Join a network of 40 inspired individuals from different European regions and diverse backgrounds to share, develop and implement groundbreaking ideas that will reshape farmers’ position in the food chain for fairer pay and greater sustainability.

Do you want to be part of the (r)evolution to rebalance the position of the farmer in the food supply chain and to rebuild the connection between farmers and consumers?

Become a COCOREADO Ambassador. An opportunity to enable change in the food supply chain in Europe.


Young people are the future generation of actors in the food chain and have the potential
to leverage the implementation of innovative ideas.

  • A place in a team that shares your ambitions, where you can inspire and learn from each other.
  • Training and mentoring in three different European cities with all travel expenses covered.*,**
  • Access to a wide range of experts and institutions across Europe providing you with a knowledge and support network to develop your own projects.
  • Visibility for your activities and ideas to food chain leaders and policymakers.
  • Exploration of food production in different European countries and replication of good practices across Europe.
  • Seed funding granted to selected ideas alongside expert support. Work hard all by yourself or collaborate with fellow ambassadors to implement new supply chain initiatives.
  • You are passionate about food.
  • You are a citizen of a European country.
  • You have the drive to work towards fair pay and greater sustainability.
  • You are an active member in your local organisation(s) or community.
  • You have enthusiasm and motivation to build new social and professional relationships.
  • You have strong communication and social media skills or the desire to improve them.
  • You are proficient in English.
  • You will collaborate with the project partners to select and develop novel farming and food chain initiatives that will reconnect farmers and consumers.
  • Over the course of three years, you will attend three training sessions to learn the skills and techniques needed to facilitate change in food systems.
  • You will be required to produce at least six social media posts per year and record one video helping to initiate good practices across Europe.
  • You will use your own communities and networks to maximise the project voice and adapt project outcomes from international ideas to practical action at a local level.
  • Ambassadors will be required to attend three training sessions across three years with each session lasting for three days. These sessions will provide an opportunity to explore a local food event, training and workshops designed to develop ambassador skills and knowledge, and to co-create the project outcomes with COCOREADO partners from Europe. Travel, accommodation and food costs incurred by the training sessions will be covered by the project.* The first session will be in early 2022.
  • Ambassadors will be connected to a mentoring team who will support the ambassadors throughout the project. The mentors will share and develop your ideas with the project team and connect you to experts and organisations within the project.
  • Ambassadors will be the face and the voice of the COCOREADO project and will help spreading the project messages and outcomes.
  • The project will select and fund five seed initiatives at the end of the project. Collaboration between ambassadors is encouraged, and groups of ambassadors may work on selected initiatives together. Being recruited as an ambassador, however, does not guarantee seed funding or direct engagement with the seed initiatives.
  • This ambassadorship is open for any motivated candidate. You must be committed to participate for the full duration of the three-year project, and it is required that you have full working rights in Europe.

Let's get started! How to apply?


Make a creative two-minute video where you present yourself and give your motivation to be a COCOREADO Ambassador. Tell us about your ideas for innovative and sustainable food systems, experience with new food initiatives or work you have done with your local community on food chains or production.


Fill in the application form and upload the video here.
Do not forget to submit your application by 05.12.2021. We will contact you about the progress of your application by 12.12.2021.
Do not hesitate to contact info@bscresearch.lv if you have any questions regarding the ambassadorship.

*Currently meetings are planned to take place in person. However, this might change depending on the epidemiological situation. If the restrictions related to the epidemiological situation will impose requirements that could make holding an in-person meeting inefficient or impossible, the meeting will be held online. In this case, no travel expenses for the particular meeting will be covered.

** Travel expenses within Europe and within reason will be covered.